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David Ross Patient

author and long term survivor of HIV

Medical History

I have a scrap book containing all the original copies of my CD4 counts and other blood work, dating back to 1983. Here's a synopsis:

As you can see from the above, at the time the Yokohama Conference (1991) was discussing Long Term Non Progressors for the first time, it had been eight years since my diagnosis - I have no idea of when I was actually infected; I estimate it was in about 1979/1980 - and my health had changed from close to AIDS (CD4 of 362) to an astonishing CD4 count of 2002. I have to add that a CD4 count of 2002 is not normal - it may have been abnormally high due to a lung infection at the time. However, when you consider all the previous CD4 counts - which mostly exceed 1000 - it is still amazing. During all this time there was no viral load test. The only direct indicator of viral activity was in 1992, when I tested HIV P24 antigen negative, which indicates low activity of the virus.

I returned from the US to South Africa in January 1995, so the number of tests dropped as I left the LAM study.

In early 2005 I commenced ART: Nevirapine and Combivir.

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